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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

YEAH!! I finished another one!

I am so happy to have finished this quilt.  I love, love it but it has hung, unfinished for more than five years.  I just lacked confidence in my quilting ability to finish it.  Judy's UFO challenge, though, has pushed me to just pull up my big-girl pants and get things done!  This isn't a large quilt at all.  I struggled with adding some borders to make it bigger but decided, finally, to donate it to the VA for use by veterans in wheel chairs.  I'm hoping it's not too wide because I thinks it will appeal to a man.

I just photographed this yesterday in my back yard.  The grass is really a lot greener than it appears int he photo.  I just added this information so those of you who just got slammed on the east coast can be a little jealous of us on the west coast with our good weather.  I am constantly jealous of all your gorgeous spring and summer flowers so it is fair that you can be jealous of our mild winter. 

Everything has its plusses and minuses, though. For instance, our mild winters lead to a problem most of the cold US might not consider:  We have FLEAS in San Diego.  Lots of them.  In fact, the first Spanish or Portuguese explorers labeled San Diego the Flea Capital of the world.  Fleas never die off here because it doesn't get cold enough to kill the eggs.  I would guess that Southern California can single-handedly keep Advantage in business.  I'm getting itchy just typing this.


  1. Congratulations on another finish! You're smoking, gf!

    No snow here... just rain... and we got fleas too... never cold enough long enough to kill 'em...

  2. your quilt is beautiful. I think a veteran will truly love and appreciate it.

    Uggh-- fleas. We've had trouble with them this summer. Advantage is a life saver. I'll try to remember to be happy when we're shoveling snow and bundling up---at least the fleas are dying.
    Oh I'm getting itchy too!

  3. That is beautiful! Congrats on the finish! Fleas... bleh.. I'm itchy now! ;o)

  4. Bleh fleas! Good thing there are effective treatments...I remember giving cats flea baths as a kid! Your quilt is beautiful and it will be some lucky guy to get that one.

  5. Lovely, quilt. I get it about the fleas. I keep my own animals treated, but at certain times of the year I'll pick up one or two anyway...the problem of living on a farm, I suppose. Interesting about the bits and pieces of history that don't usually make it into the history books--like the Flea Capital of the World!
    best from Tunisia,


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