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Monday, March 5, 2012

It's starting to come together

I've been playing around with these blocks ever since I put them on my 2012 UFO list. Well, Judy pulled their number this month.  I have mixed emotions about that.  1. I'm nervous about how this will turn out and, 2. I'll be so relieved to have them done and gone!

I've seen a few asymmetrical settings around blog land and decided that may be the ticket for these wonky blocks.  I found a tiny bit of pale lavender solid that I think will work well for the background. Maybe you can see it in the upper left quadrant.  Darn! That's all I have. I guess I'll be forced to make a trip to Rosie's to find more :-).

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

February's UFO DONE!!

Here she is.  I'm very happy with how this quilt turned out.  From a box full of VERY odd 1/2 square triangles, given to me by an elderly friend who could no longer quilt, I was able to make this.  I'm simply calling it Audrey's Quilt to commemorate her friendship and generosity.  I hope that she knows I made this quilt from her gift.

Hop over to Judy's blog to see what other things got taken off the UFO list this month.

I was only gone for a second

First, Izzy does not sleep with us. We do, however, let her on the bed at about 6 AM when we are starting to stir. I got up, put on my glasses, looked back at The Husband, and spied this.

Does she look just a little too comfortable?  Should I be worried that maybe she's plotting a coup??