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Monday, April 30, 2012

Design Wall Monday 4/30/12

WHEW!!  I DID IT!  My April UFO is Done.

This is possibly the second or third quilt that I ever made.  It has languished in a closet for almost ten years. Thank goodness that Judy pulled the number for the April UFO challenge.

It's twin size so I didn't want to quilt it on my DSM.  I've shared a Tin Lizzie with two friends for about 4 years now and STILL I never tackled it.  I was stalled on how to quilt it.  That is what ALWAYS stalls me.  I lack so much confidence in my quilting except for stippling -- I can do that all day.  This quilt seemed to want some bugs.  It didn't get all the bugs it needed or wanted but it did get a bunch of curlicues and butterflies.

There's a big butterfly in the yellow jar.   There are also lots of threads --  OOOPS!

So this post is a twofer:  April UFO and Design wall Monday.   Hop over to Jusy's to see what other's are doing.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I've been busy

We had friends in from out of town over the weekend.  One of the fun  things we did was to kayak in the ocean around La Jolla.   The photo above is what I pictured when we cooked up this plan.  Imagine, instead, overcast skies, freezing water, soaking wet bodies.  Further imagine being flipped over on the way in so you arrive on the beach soaked to the bone.  Then imagine not being able to find the friend you left behind who is holding all the cell phones and the keys to the car.  Yup.  Good times!!

Actually, right up until the flipping over part, the adventure was pretty amazing.  At one point we were surrounded by a pod of jumping dolphins!  We saw birds and sea lions and wonderful breaking waves.  I recommend it but perhaps later in the season.......