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Monday, April 30, 2012

Design Wall Monday 4/30/12

WHEW!!  I DID IT!  My April UFO is Done.

This is possibly the second or third quilt that I ever made.  It has languished in a closet for almost ten years. Thank goodness that Judy pulled the number for the April UFO challenge.

It's twin size so I didn't want to quilt it on my DSM.  I've shared a Tin Lizzie with two friends for about 4 years now and STILL I never tackled it.  I was stalled on how to quilt it.  That is what ALWAYS stalls me.  I lack so much confidence in my quilting except for stippling -- I can do that all day.  This quilt seemed to want some bugs.  It didn't get all the bugs it needed or wanted but it did get a bunch of curlicues and butterflies.

There's a big butterfly in the yellow jar.   There are also lots of threads --  OOOPS!

So this post is a twofer:  April UFO and Design wall Monday.   Hop over to Jusy's to see what other's are doing.


  1. Congratulations on getting this "vintage" flimsy finished! Woooo hooo!!!

  2. It looks great. I just want to tell you the quilting is super! Keep on quilting, you have to just get more confidence that you can do it. What I did was force (encourage) my parnter in our long arm (my Mom) to quilt all summer last year. Once you do a million stitches you realize you know more and can do more than you ever thought possible. Enjoy the process!!

  3. Good for you for not giving in to your fear - keep going. Now you can go on to quilt #3!



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