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Sunday, November 13, 2011

More from the phone!


 Here is what I was left with after my mad day of trimming.  See the black tray on the right?  It was HEAPED with pressed squares when I got started.  I had no actual memory of having that tray full of squares till I uncovered it while cleaning off a small area to the right of where I sew. 

Finding things like that is scary.  I'm never sure if it means I am starting to have dementia or if my life is just too chaotic to keep track of every little thing I do.  Do you ever have that experience?  As soon as I saw the tray, I remembered that I had sewn and pressed them all.  They were gathered over the course of several months - even I don't think I could have forgotten the marathon that would have been necessary to produce all of those - so that is why I might have forgotten them.  I am choosing to go with the busy life explanation for my forgetfulness.

Changing the subject.  I am THRILLED that I can post things from my phone.  There have been so many funny things I wanted to blog about but they inevitably happen when I am not near my computer.  My phone is rarely more than a foot from me (hazard of my profession) so I think I will be able to capture more of the rather comical (at least to me) things that happen to me all the time.

More of the HSTs later.  I've been collecting ideas for quilts that will use a bunch of them.

I want to make some Christmas presents for non-quilting family members but I am feeling fresh out of ideas.  I thought the trimming marathon would recharge me but so far...nothin'.  Any ideas??


  1. Wow... that's a lot of trimming there! (Do you save the scraps? They make good stuffing for a dog bed.)

  2. I love all your HSTs and your mountain of trimmings. It makes me smile to see all your work!
    You could have written this post about me.......I hate forgetting things I do. It scares me so I understand and I LOVE your reasoning about the busy life...think I'll be using that one. :)

  3. Trimming up squares isn't anywhere near one of my favorite things to do. I'm so impressed at how many you did without going crazy!


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