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Friday, November 25, 2011

Orca Update

I am determined not to look at Clue Two of Bonnie Hunter's latest mystery till I finish Clue One!!
All the triangles are cut and paired, approximately 1/3 are stitched into pairs and 14 have been made into complete hourglasses.

Only 210 more hourglasses to go.

Am I nuts?


  1. Well Chris, if you're nuts so am I. I'm a finisher and usually only do one project at a time - from cut to binding. Right now I have 2 quilts going (for twin kids), have decided to use and am using Bonnie's leaders/enders method, and am beginning to work on Orca. Maybe we can share a cell at the asylum.

  2. Yes, you are certifiable... *lol* but the tiny blocks are looking good. I think all that cutting out is the hardest thing...chain piecing is so much more fun!

    Go, Chris! Go!


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