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Saturday, November 26, 2011

All done!

And ready to move on to Step Two of the Orca Bay Mystery.  Check out Bonnie's blog. There's still time to join in.

In case you are wondering, that is 225 2.5-inch hourglass blocks. Aren't they adorable!   The next step is only 72 of something.  I am crazy.  That's OK, right?



  1. your sewing machine must be smoking!

  2. Pretty! And so neatly organized, too. I just de-dogeared my hourglass units last night watching TV and I'm working on the 3.5" string units today. Step 2 should go pretty fast, I hope.

  3. Wow... you have all those done already? Wow! You are a crazy woman! You GO, Miz Chris!!!

  4. Nice hourglass blocks!!! Part 2 is a lot of fun and goes pretty fast.

  5. Yes it's ok to be crazy when the result is such beautiful blocks. You are going to have an awesome quilt.


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