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Monday, November 28, 2011

Design Wall Monday - Cuteness

I'm on Step Two of Bonnie Hunter's Orca Bay Mystery.  We are making a gazillion 72 3.5" string blocks.  They are SO CUTE!  I love making string blocks but I hate the mess they make while in process.  Just look at that tangled mess of pink strings.  I have three boxes of strings that I dug through to pick out all the pinks for my version of Orca Bay.  Apparently, I am not such a pink girl.  I found the most miserly pile of pinks you can imagine.  Nevertheless, I think my tiny blocks are adorable.

Head over to Judy's to see what other people are working on.

Head over to Bonnie's to see other people's progress on their Orca Bay Mystery.


  1. Gotta love the pink.... it's fun seeing what colors everyone is making!

  2. Hardly any pink in my stash either! I think I could handle the little string blocks but so far I've not jumped in this mystery--just downloaded the parts. Enjoy!

  3. Your blocks are adorable! I think I'm just going to use plain squares for this step!

  4. Chris, I'm jealous! I won't allow myself to start Bonnie's mystery because I haven't finished Roll,Roll,Cotton Boll from last year but making 3 1/2" string blocks sounds like so much FUN! What other colors are you using?

  5. I see you're using pinks for this step just like me! I'm using green as Bonnie's red and purple as her black. Weren't these string blocks fun to make?! And they're adorable!

  6. I love pink, as soon as I pulled up your blog and the picture pulled up it made me happy. Your blocks are adorable.


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