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Monday, February 28, 2011

February UFO Challenge

I DID IT!  I finished February's UFO.  It was  #10 on Judy L's Patchwork Times UFO Challenge.  It has actually been done for a week but I wanted to wait and post it at the last minute.

Despite the rather poor photo, I am very proud of this quilt.  With the exception of the narrow purple border, I didn't purchase anything for this quilt.

I came home from work one day to discover a xerox-sized box of fabric scraps on my porch.  The scraps were jammed in there so tightly that when I dumped it over, the scraps retained the shape of the box!!

My sister and I spent many days and nights pressing fabric scraps.  I made this quilt by pulling all the light and dark floral scraps that I could find.  I stitched string blocks on a paper foundation.

I hope everyone else is having success with their UFOs.


  1. Your February ufo is lovely and finished! Congrats.
    I love your idea to sit down with the batting scraps. Good idea! I hate to waste it but it does need to be tamed. I did some digging around in my sewing room this weekend. Spent some time piecing backs for tops that are ready for quilting. You watched law and order, I watched Hot in Cleveland!

  2. I love scrappy quilts and this one is stunning!

    (I wish someone would drop off a box o' scraps on my front step sometime!)

  3. What a great scrap quilt! there's nothing worse than having to press little pieces to make a scrap quilt but you did it! WONderful!

  4. Oh, I hope no one drops off a box of scraps!!! LoL Just gave away a lot to my sewing group. Wonderful quilt and you did such a good job. Judy C

  5. A drive by scrapping? I heard of drive by zucchinniings when the garden is overwhelmed with them, but scraps? Hmmm... You've made a wonderful quilt with them. Good job on the finish!

  6. So much fun to have a "free" quilt! and I think it turned out lovely! Nice job.


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