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Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'll understand if you look away

I travel frequently with a good friend of mine.  On one particular trip I noticed her struggling to tweeze away a wiley little eyebrow hair.  I didn't say anything but I did made a mental note of it.  The next time I was shopping, I saw a portable magnifying mirror.  PERFECT!  I got two: One for her and one for me.  Feeling very proud of myself, I packaged it and sent it off to her.

Here it is with the lighted tweezers she sent me

I brought mine to the office (remember I'm the boss and I have no employees so I can do all sorts of inappropriate things).  Between appointments, I whipped that bad boy out and took a little tour of my face.  DO NOT EVER DO THAT WITH A 10X MAGNIFYING MIRROR!!  NEVER. EVER.

I was horrified at what I saw around my eyes and nose.  I tell you, HORRIFIED.  Immediately, I sent her an email warning her not to repeat my mistake.  It was scary.

SO, my advice to all of you:  Get a magnifying mirror because you can track down and eradicate every single stray eyebrow in the known world but DO NOT let your gaze stray from that area of your face.

You've been warned.


  1. Oh yes, I have made that mistake. It's not pretty. I blame most of the damage on my hubby and my kid. I mean it wasn't there before they came along and now it is. It's a logical conclusion

  2. I have already made that mistake too! I couldn't live without that mirror though.

  3. I know....pores the size of swimming pools and wrinkles like the Grand Canyon. Getting old isn't for sissies!


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