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Sunday, February 27, 2011


I've had a very busy weekend in my quilt studio.  Remember my blog where I professed to be SO OVERWHELMED by all my little projects?  Well, I have had my nose to the grindstone and I have cleared out quite a few things that have been really hanging over my head.

1)  I keep things.  Not as bad as the man I live with but bad all the same.  So.  I keep all the little scraps from trimming batting.  I just can't get myself to throw it away.  But piecing it into a usable size is just such. a. drag.  It dawned on me that I could piece them into usable squares and those would be easy to use in small quilts.  I hauled out that embarrassingly large pile of batting scraps and started slicing them into 12 inch lengths.

This isn't even all the scraps!

 Then I straightened one edge on each length and just started putting the pieces together.

I found that if I used this foot:

Does anyone know what it's called??
and a WIDE and LONG zigzag, they went together is a snap with a very smooth joint.

After a few DVRed episodes of Law and Order I had a very respectable pile of batt-lets.  I managed to join two large pieces into a batting that measures 45" X 35".  Since I use two types of batting, I made two separate batting blocks:  The Warm and Natural I cut into 11" X 11" squares.  I have enough to make a batting 55" X 77".  I also made a pile of 10.5" squares from Hobbs 80/20.  I have enough of those to make a batting 60" X 45".

Batt-let blocks on the right.  On the left are the scraps I am finally throwing away.

Pretty productive and now I am not bothered by having a pile of unusable scraps all over the place.

More about my ongoing clean up in future posts.

Are you watching the Oscars?  I am.  Isn't Ann Hathaway gorgeous!!


  1. Yes, her dress selection was gorgeous. I loved the kids chorus at the end too.

  2. I am lucky to have a sewing friend who will even take the teeny tiny leftover bits of batting off my hands. She stuffs them into dog beds that are made out of upholstery fabric.

  3. I sew pieces of batting together all the time... and use them! Never seen a presser foot like that one tho... interesting. I just use a regular presser foot and zigzag the pieces together.... and feel so virtuous!


  4. I do this all the time, just can't stand to waste any Warm & Natural.


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