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Monday, February 21, 2011

Design Wall Monday

YAY!  I finally have something new on my design wall.

I stitched all of the pink blocks on the left during the L O N G seminar last week.  I am a little scared to admit it but I think I'm starting to like applique!  Go figure.  I finally figured out how to do the starch method for preparing app pieces and Man O Man!  it went fast.  I had barely adequate light in the seminar room and the blocks still look good.

The quilt these blocks are destined for is on my UFO list.  I've been sneaking in a little work on them here and there because if the number gets pulled on Tuesday I'll be hard pressed to get it all done in the month.  That challenge is one I do not want to fail.  In fact, I finished this month's quilt and I'll post about it on Tuesday.

What's on your wall?  Go to Patchwork Times and see what others have on their design walls.

Here's a quote by the man who inspired one of my favorite movies, Rudy:

"Never Quit. "Don't ever, ever quit. 
Recognize that stopping now, 
regrouping to try a new approach isn't quitting. 
If you quit you'll regret it forever."
                                                                                   ~ Rudy Ruettiger
Have a great week!


  1. Love the blocks on your design wall... and great idea to work on them during a huge boring seminar! Can't wait to see more...

  2. Pretty blocks! Practice makes you better at lots of things, glad you worked that out with the applique, it looks really good.

  3. Great blocks. I too learned the starch method of applique recently and am addicted! Never thought I would be!

    Happy Quilting!

  4. Love your colors - this is going to be an interesting quilt!

  5. Fabulous Chris--too much said about the "A" word that is negative. Yes it is daunting, but once you do it a little (large scale of course to start) it does get easier...then you tackle something a bit smaller and before you know it your confidence builds and then saying "I think I like applique!" This happened for me, but I'm far from a Baltimore Album. Good that you've got a head start on it since it will require a bit more time. With your positive attitude YOU won't fail your UFO Challenge! Bring on 3/1/2011!

  6. Very pretty! I like blue and orange together.


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