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Monday, February 14, 2011


I don't have any photos to post to show my progress (Bad Blogger!) but I wanted to catalog how I am doing about my quilt stress.

I took a good look around my studio and tried to zero in on what was the most bothersome.  Some comments to my stress post helped me put my thoughts in order. It turns out that the mostly-finished UFOs don't really stress me as much as all the bits and pieces of things that "might" turn into quilts some day.  I'm writing this from work (I work for myself so it's OK) or I would post some photos of the items I am about to list.  Just off the top of my head, so you KNOW there are more, here is what I need to finish or move out so I can start to relax:

1.  pastel 1/2 square tris
2. aqua and green 4-patches
3. Scotty dogs
4. 1" strips from Audrey
5. bag of kid prints and brights
6. string!!!  OMG do I have strings!!
7. "dots" sampler blocks
8. pile of 3 " 1/2 square tris

Yesterday afternoon I also had a pile of Leader and Ender parts that were sitting next to my sewing machine. I have been using Bonnie's system for years.  What I discovered this week is that if I don't have a specific project in mind then all the L/E parts just pile up and stress me out.  So, yesterday, I gathered all the parts, pressed, trimmed and fed them into the appropriate "parts" drawer so they are ready for a project that needs them.  I am replacing that jumble with a tidy bin that contains parts for an actual project.  AHH, it feels good to have that mess gone.

Here's the rest of my plan:  Each week I will complete or at least make significant progress on one of the items on the above list.  I think I have just been waiting for enough other "parts" to make these half-done things into something bigger.  Now, I am just going to finish them as smaller wall hangings and donate them to my guild's fund-raising auction.  I am also going to move the things I am not working on into the guest bedroom (don't tell my husband) until their turn comes up in rotation. 

This feels better but I am worried I am setting myself up for failure.  Any suggestions, Oh Wise Ones?

I think this is an appropriate quote:

If you can dream it, you can do it.
                           -Walt Disney


  1. Ah, stress... and we do it to ourselves. I like your game plan to deal with de-stressing... focus on the things you do get done rather than what you have left to do. I made real lists and cross things off when finished. It's so nice to see all the crossed off items and reminds me that I have accomplished something!

  2. I feel your pain ... and I completely understand it. Right now I'm making NICU quilts out of panels I bought years ago - kind of a heart in hand kind of thing with angels and rabbits and stuff. I made several baby quilts years ago and had all the fabrics that went with the panels and then got tired of them, but bought more panels on sale anyway. Been meaning to get rid of the whole bundle for several years. NICU quilts is always my answer for this. The NICU units love everything and the quilts are small enough to use up whatever and how much ever you have. And it makes you feel good in at least 2 ways!

  3. I have lots of UFOs, PIGS etc. Your storage of these monsters looks much like mine except mine are 4 big plastic storage containers. I am hoping to do the same thing finish them up by year's end. Once the UFOs (albatrosses)are gone, I've promised myself a lovely new chair to sit in for handwork. Can't fit the chair til the containers are GONE!


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