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Monday, February 7, 2011

Can you say "SPOILED"

I live in San Diego.  I know that most of the rest of the US had a wicked winter storm last week.  It was cold here too.  It got down to 57 degrees.  BRRRR.  We're spoiled in San Diego.

But, that is not the spoiled being I had in mind when I named this post.   Look at this picture.  Can you see the dog on my bed?  No, I don't mean my husband!

Look more closely.  She's in there.

Remember, it was 57 degrees outside and that's a down comforter she's under.


  1. That's too funny, Chris. My fuzzy's have been camping out in front of the dish heater on the "colder" nights too. Today wasn't too shabby though.

  2. This just cracked me up to no end! Spoiled cold doggie! :cD

  3. Do you have a Dalmation? That nose looks like a Dalmation's to me. We've had 2 and both loved to be under the covers. Your picture brought back fond memories of our 2 boys, now gone for many years.


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