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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I told you I had a lot of projects

Does anyone else have a Hall Of Shame like this?

I keep a lot of my UFOs on hangers in the doorway to my Quilting studio so I will become annoyed enough to finish them.  The ones on the right are completed tops already paired with backings.  I am just waiting to get to the Tin Lizzie I share with two friends.  It is kept at Patti's house and I can't always get there to quilt.  In the middle of the bar are several hangers full of fabric for a quilt for my niece.  It will be the next new project I start.  Then, on the left hang the UFOs for Judy L's UFO challenge that are waiting for their number to be pulled.

BTW, isn't that miniature Sunbonnet Sue adorable?  The third friend I share the Tin Lizzie with made that for me for my birthday last year!!

How do you keep track of your UFOs??


  1. Fortunately, I don't have too many UFOs... three are folded up next to the cutting table and the fourth is in the closet. My goal is to finish them all this year.

  2. I love your closet! It looks something like mine. I never really think I have UFO's - I cut and piece them from start to finish, put on the borders, make the backing and then hang them on a hanger (which is why my closet looks like yours!). When I'm tired of piecing (usually a month or two), I get the urge to QUILT so I machine quilt until everything in the closet is quilted, bound, labeled, and delivered (Linus Projects) or mailed (Quilts of Valor or presents). My advantage is that I only have to walk 4 feet to my Voyager to quilt. So, between you and me, my UFO's are only short time UFO's. But you have to make an effort to get to the quilt machine so I think you win! (I still love your closet)


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