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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I actually wanted to post something different but I forgot to take photos so I will get on that tonight.

Instead, I thought I would make everyone laugh with my first attempt at free-pieced letters a la Tonya at Lazy Gal Quilting.  Don't blame her for how this looks!  I have serious trouble with being wonky!  Anyone who knows me well would be completely shocked (I hope) that I have trouble being freer with my piecing.  It is something I want to work on because the next border on my guild's challenge quilt needs to incorporate letters or words and I want to put some seriously wonky words on it.  I am completely open to ideas for what it should say.  Here's the piece I am working on:

The border must be 3 inches finished.  I am also adding another piece of vine to the left upper corner because I think it looks too unbalanced and I want something for my flowers and leaves to cling too.  The new border doesn't have to go on all four sides so I am thinking of adding words to just the top and bottom or one side.  What do Toucans say?
           "Let's Party!!"   OR  "Listen to what Edna told me"  OR  "I'm CooCoo for Coco Puffs!"

Let me hear what you think.

Meanwhile, ponder this:

The only reason people get lost in thought 
is because it's unfamiliar territory. 


  1. Lost in thought--too funny!
    But what I find very humorous is the fact that I don't see anything wrong with your "Home Sweet Home"...cuz I don't do wonky very well either!! I really like it and was confused at first and then I realized what you were talking about but still...I personally like being able to read the words without any trouble. Some times the wonky words are a little too subtle for me. Perhaps I need to get lost in thought over all that might imply...hmmmm perhaps not. :)
    Oh and I would pick "listen to what Edna told me" for sure. But Let's Party is WAY less letters to make...wonky or not.

  2. "Wonky" is hard b/c we've been taught that "perfect" is the goal... and being the "good girls" that we are, we have trouble not following the rules...

    But... practice can also make wonky!


  3. You definitely need to get your "wonky" on! I like let's party as they look like they are sitting at a bar on a tropical island.

    my design wall has "junk" hanging from it too. some of it is pictures of projects I hope to get to sooner, than later!


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