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Monday, March 21, 2011

Design Wall Monday 3/21/11

Well, this is where my butterfly quilt stands today.  My artist sister came over and approved of my sashing choice and helped choose a border - once again, she went with a perfect piece of fabric but one I would NEVER have considered.  You'll have to wait till next week because I am sure it will be all together by then.  Stop laughing, I can hear you and it hurts my feelings!  I will too get it done.  I will.

On the home front, DS #2 came home for a few days of his spring break.  It has been great to see him. He is my snuggly son, even at 23 years old.  He wanted to go sailing.  It's never hard to convince my DH to go sailing and since it all sounded like so much fun, DS#1 came down and brought a good friend.  So, while I was fusing away in a Laura Wasilowski class (that's another post for tomorrow!) the four of them were out sailing.

We all got home at about the same time and DS#2 was desperate to cook some Indian food so we went off in search of an Indian market.  We managed to find everything we needed and he made us Dal and something with spinach and a most amazing cheese.  YUMMM.  Luckily, DS#1's friend is Indian and he added some pertinent advice that made the whole meal even better and more authentic.  I have to thank his mother for being such a  good cook and teaching Harnik to cook.

I wish I'd had my camera ready when DS#1 came home.  He is Izzy's favorite person in the world.  We always make them have their reunions in the backyard because she gets CRAZY when he first arrives.  Yesterday was worse than usual for some reason.  She jumped all over him crying the whole time like a wounded animal.  Which, I suppose is an apt description because I think she was wounded that he has stayed away so long!  Enjoy this example of their close relationship.

She just can't get close enough to him!!  She put herself there -- he didn't force her to sit with him!

I hope you all have a wonderful day.

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  1. The butterfly blocks are gorgeous... looking forward to see what border fabric you're going to use!

  2. Very pretty! This will make a great looking quilt.

  3. Your butterfly quilt is beautiful but I particularly love Izzy! LOL!!

  4. Love your butterfly blocks and the picture of Izzy and your son is priceless.

  5. What a great picture of your son!

    I love the hawaiian quilts. I've done the BQ quilt it is a great one!


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