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Monday, March 28, 2011

Design wall Monday 3/28/11

Does it count as on my design wall if I crop the photo so closely that you can't actually see my design wall??

This is the last time you'll see the mynas until the little quilt is done.
I chose this bright batik for the last border that the challenge calls for. It's not cut yet, the center is just set on top for a trial run.  I decided to use  "Wait till you hear what Edna said!" as the words that need to be on the last border per the challenge instructions.  It's turning out cuter than I imagined. Let's hope I can get it done by the next guild meeting.  

I was at my friend Patti's house to quilt my March UFO (WHAT?? it's almost APRIL??) and she showed me her challenge quilt.  It was done and she even HAND-QUILTED IT!!  It must be hard to be such an overachiever, I imagine.  I have no concept of what means.

See the band-aid on her tail?

Izzy is such a BIG, STRONG dog that when she got excited and wagged her tail too hard in the house the other night, she somehow injured the tip of her tail.  It must not have hurt because, based on the blood splatter (thank you CSI and Dexter) she must have continued to wag it for a long time.  I spent an hour cleaning up what can only be described as a murder scene.  It keeps reopening.  The only thing that will stay on it is bandaids.  Does anyone have a suggestion for helping it heal and keep this from happening in the future?

You all have a great week and think about this:

The way you perceive a specific situation 
is determined by your frame of mind. 
If your mind and thoughts are positive, 
you will always be in a position to
seize the opportunities that are before you.



  1. I'm loving all the bright fabrics for you myna quilt... and the quote you selected is perfect!

    Sorry to hear about poor Izzy injury... hope it heals quickly!

    Love your thought for the day... very true!

  2. Poor Izzy. I would not even know what to do for an injured tail.

    I LOVE your quilt. The name is perfect.

  3. I live next door to an ER doctor. He gave my husband some medical super glue to seal up a cut immediately...wonder if there is anything like that available at the drug store? Not sure if it's a cut or not poor Izzy suffered. The mynas are so cute with all the bright colors.

  4. Poor Izzy! Our 'found' cat had his tail tip injured exposing bone and the vet said that is a very vulnerable part of an animal. He had to have surgery and it shortened his tail by 2". I'd recommend you take this seriously.

    Be well, Izzy!

  5. Love your quilt! It is going to be so fun! I think you picked a perfect title/wording for this challenge.


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