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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"I Am"

DS#2 and I went to the movies yesterday.  I can't decide if he is an actual intellectual or just wants to be one.  He's very smart, very thoughtful, and fully committed to the environment.  So much so that he refused our offer of 1/2 a car.  He rides his bike or ride-shares when he needs to.  He buys his clothing at Good Will ("It's sustainable.") and I don't want to talk about his eating habits.

So, it was no surprise to me that he wanted to see a documentary instead of an action movie.  SIGH.  He chose to see "I AM" a documentary by directory Tom Shadyac who also directed "Ace Ventura," "Bruce Almighty," and "Liar Liar" among other films.  Tom had a bad biking accident with a long recovery that gave him lots of time to reflect on his life and the world.  In the film he interviews more than a few of the world's most interesting thinkers, scientists and peace-makers.  Warning: it is very touchy-feely.  Here's the film's webpage.

Here is what Ellen DeGeneres had to say about it.

I recommend it highly.  I want to rhapsodize more about it but I have erased each of my many thoughts because each one just sounded so hokey and I didn't want you to think I had "drunk the kool-ade." Just watch it and come to your own conclusions.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Reading about your son was like looking in a mirror. My son (24) is the exact same. Refused to take a car from us til last year when he moved to Cali and it had to be a used car. Buys his clothes at Goodwill too. Recycles, composts, etc. I will have to check out I Am.

    If your Son ever heads out to Cali, I got a place for him to stay with a kindred spirit


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