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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Once a week is not TOO bad - is it?

I really get perturbed when bloggers I like to follow don't post every day.  I need to practice what I preach even if I am the only one who reads this blog.

Finn's UFO challenge really gave me the boost I needed to settle down and clear some unfinished things out of my Studio Q.  I find that nothing stalls my creativity more than having a bunch of "stuff" lying all over my studio.  It seems to absorb any creative energy from the air so it never reaches me. 

So far I have TWO finishes to report.

The first is a string quilt top that I finished a very long time ago.  It had been quilted and shuffled from pile to pile while it awaited binding.  I dug into my bin of 2.5 inch strips (thank you, Bonnie) and had binding made in no time.  Since the top is so scrappy, I thought scrappy binding would be perfect.  I think this one is bound to be a Quilt of Valor donation (sorry about the pun!).

The second finish I have is a sampler quilt I made for my guild.  I am showing it off tonight.  It's a bit wild.  I made it from a jelly roll that I fell in love with a few years ago.  I think I like the jelly roll better.  I can see why die-hard bloggers invest in expensive cameras.  This photo does not begin to do justice to the colors.

Finally, I thought I should show a picture of my Great Dane.  Normally she steers clear of my studio - unless she is stealing a new spool of thread.  But, get a camera out and she is RIGHT there.
I hope you have a productive day.


  1. Had to pop over and congratulate you on your TWO finishes Chris!!!! Isn't it wonderful when the spark strikes and you suddenly can do the thing you've been putting off? It sure is for me!! I'm delighted that you found our challenge and are stitching along. The string quilt is lovely, it looks calm and comfortable, kind of like an old friend you're glad to see. And your Jelly Roll Sampler is awesome!! Orange is a favorite with me, as it is with two of my best friends. You did a great job getting those two whipped up and off the list!! Your baby is just adorable, and a thread thief?? What's her name? Hugs, Finn
    P.S. you've got your email set to "no-reply". If you want feedback you should change it on your profile page.

  2. Had to pop over from Finn's blog and say...WOW wonderful quilts. Really enjoyed visiting you.


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