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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Herman II

I read a lot of blogs.  It's my second favorite hobby.  Quilting is my first but it's not nearly as voyeuristic as reading about other peoples' lives.  In fact, some days I spend much more time as a peeping tom than as a quilter.

 Today I was reading Ree Drummond's blog and she had a post about Herman.  Her Herman is a friendly black snake who ingratiates himself by eating rodents around their ranch.  It stirred a memory about  Herman from my childhood.  My Herman wasn't nearly as helpful or friendly.  Herman was a pair of disembodied, dessicated chicken feet, held together by a string.

Herman would show up in unexpected places and scare the bejeebers out of us. I can't really remember how Herman came to live at our house but I do know that my younger brother took to him immediately.  Younger brothers live to scare the bejeebers out of their older sisters. 

Sometimes I'd open the medicine cabinet and Herman would be patiently waiting for me.  Sometimes I'd slide my hand under my pillow and disturb Herman from a nap. I still get the shivers when I remember touching those scaly things.

Do you have a "Herman" from your childhood?  Is there anything that still gives you "the shivers?"


  1. While looking at Herman(the chicken legs) doesn't disturb me, the idea of finding them under my pillow would!!!!!!!!! Guess it's lucky I had no brothers, and was the oldest girl by 7 years. Nothing too terrible like that happened to me.
    I guess the closest I could come to a "Herman" story would be june bugs. They are about the size of a black olive, and have those nasty hook like things on their legs, and I had a boy cousin, Elton, who thought putting them in girls hair(which was long and free flowing like a wild pony) was just the greatest fun!!! I definitely didn't agree. Still gives me goosebumps to think about those nasty little bugs walking in my hair. Enough of that! Hugs, Finn

  2. Welcome to the blogging community, Chris. I found you from Finn's Challenge list. I hope to visit all the participants during the weekend. Like you, I'm addicted to reading all the great quilter's blogs almost as much as I am to making quilts. Good luck on the challenge.

    I didn't have a Herman in my childhood but I was fascinated by the banana slugs that lived in the woods by my house. Really creepy, yucky looking critters.


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