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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Boy is Here!

DS2 arrived at John Wayne Airport last Monday at 6 PM.  I took the entire week off work to hang out with him because in one more week he will be moving to Haiti for at least a year.

 He thinks he may need to leave Haiti every three months so he plans to come home for Christmas.  After that, he'll probably just hop over to the Dominican Republic to fulfill that requirement.

Here is what we did all week. 

We watched a documentary.  Actually, we took turns dozing through the first 30 minutes of it before we gave up and turned it off.

We watched a movie about a guy who gets "made redundant" (British film) at age 55 and decides to swim the English Channel.  I found it very inspirational and touching.  DS2 dozed through the entire thing.

We got massages.  I got a Thai table massage and it was fabulous.  It really helped the pain I've had in my neck.  I will definitely be getting another one.  As far as I know the son didn't doze - maybe he did, he didn't tell me.

We went to a farmer's market and cooked some really good vegetarian food.

We took a jacuzzi at a condo complex where we don't live! Shh, don't tell.

We took lots of walks and included the very bad dog.  Part of the fun we have walking around our neighborhood is going through alleys to see what edibles are growing over the fences.  We are definitely not too proud to pick what we can reach.  This week we scored several pomegranates and some limes.  Sometimes we score macadamia nuts and we have our eye on several avocado tress that are loaded.  In this area, if it hangs outside your fence, it's up for grabs.  I share a lot of the figs that my tree produces so I feel OK about my harvests.

We did lots more but mostly we just hung out and talked.  I had to go back to work on Monday.  WAH.

What do you do on your staycations??

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  1. Gleaning the alleyways, are we? I think that's cool! And what a wide variety of glean-able produce too!

    I'm glad you had a great time with your DS... mebbe you should plan a trip to meet up with him in the Caribbean...



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