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Monday, October 24, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Anticipating having to write this post, I thought I better have something for my design wall.

So I dove into my box of orphan blocks:

There's a lot of them, huh?  Anyway, I thought I might make covers for these notebooks I bought a few weeks ago.

I fiddled around for a little while getting absolutely NO inspiration.  Then it dawned on me, while I do want to make journal covers someday, what was really happening is that I was avoiding this:

 This is all I actually have sewn together so far. I took all the loose blocks down from the wall so I can sew them together into foursies.

I counted and I have 54 'foursies' to sew together before I can sew those into bigger 'foursies' and so on.  Why in the world do we have a King Size bed???

Next weekend I will be working on details of the annual fund-raiser I am chairing for my guild so I really doubt I will have anything more interesting than this on my wall.  I will be very glad to have this top all together so it will finally be off my design wall!!

Hop over to Judy's to see what others are working on today.


  1. your red and white quilt will be worth all the work! I feel the same way about King size--why? but only in regards to a quilt, it just seems neverending. But sleeping in a King is just lovely! :)

  2. My one and ONLY king-size quilt is off being quilted. I thought I'd never get thru sewing all those blocks together...

    Love your red and white one...

  3. Love the red quilt! I can understand avoiding things though and I applaud your facing it head on!


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