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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Do you think she's spoiled?

A few months ago Izzy had some icky-looking things under her chin.  I took her to the vet who diagnosed her with "acne."   WHAT!?  She's a dog! 

It seems dogs can get these breakouts when they drink or eat from plastic bowls.  WELL!  Izzy's almost a horse so we've been watering her in a large plastic bucket.  No more.  We went out and bought an adapter for our faucet that she can lick and get water for herself.

ALL of our previous dogs have used these.  She refuses. She WILL NOT use it.  I WILL NOT put out a bowl out for her. She drinks so much water that I'd be filling and washing it three times a day. 

Here's what I have been reduced to doing to get her to drink enough water:

She loves it.  LOVES IT!  This bathroom is right outside my quilting room.  She will stand just inside the bathroom door and softly whine.  If I don't hear her, she'll come into my sewing room and start yelling at me.  Really, she can yell.  I have to go turn the faucet on for her and let her tank up.  I've been toying with the idea of teaching her how to turn it on but I worry she won't turn it off.  My SIL suggests plumbing a foot pedal like they use in hospital operating scrub rooms so she can step on it and get it to turn on.

 Is this as wrong as I think??

PS.  Don't you want some of that pink and grey tile for yourself?  Can we say 1950 bathroom?  It's the only room in the house we didn't remodel.  I'm thinking we made a mistake.


  1. Too funny...

    You know, I bet that pink and grey tile is worth something these days...


  2. Oh my word. I'm thinking about the standard height of bathroom cabinetry and yes, your dog is about the size of a horse. A very cute horse.

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  4. I love your bathroom, the tile looks like it is in good shape. Isn't it funny how a dog can turn you into their lady in waiting. I had a female doberman who liked to be covered when she slept so she'd stand in front of her bed and whine to see if I'd lift the quilt then cover her up. She's just stare at me to tell me when she wanted out or if her water bowl was empty. I miss having a big dog around. Enjoy yours!!!


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