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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May UFO Finish!!

I can't believe that I have finished FIVE old UFOs.  Judy's UFO challenge has really helped push me to get things done so I can post my success every month.  Does it make me shallow that I crave the acknowledgement of others?  Shouldn't my own praise be enough?

SIGH.  It's not.  LOL!!  I really like to be able to post my finishes for everyone to see.  In fact, I don't think that, as adults, we get enough credit.  Who is telling us "Good job!" I fear that too few bosses do that.  Certainly our kids don't do it often enough.  It never occurred to me how hard a job parenting is until I had my own.  SO, I am on my own bandwagon to pat myself on the back and let everyone else do so too.

Try it on yourself.  Give yourself at LEAST 10 "Good Jobs" today and see how you feel tonight.  Did a load of laundry? Good Job!  Cooked a nice meal?  Way to go!  Finished a report at work?  Fabulous!  You Rock!

It's fun. Go out there and sing your praises.  Then go over to Judy's blog and drool over all the fabulous finishes.

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