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Monday, June 13, 2011

Design Wall Monday

This one is coming out again.  I got the top finished a few months ago and it has hung, not without a LOT of company, in my finished TOPS closet.  You know the place where all your tops wait while they age gracefully until you finally decide to quilt them.  You don't have a closet like that??  Dang!

Anyway, my cousin who has a lot to do with the San Diego Quilt Show sent me an innocent email musing that while she was going through all the entrants to date, she hadn't seen anything with my name on it.  SIGH.  I can recognize an arm-twisting when I read one!  I agreed to enter this little (actually quite large) gem so I have to get right on quilting it.

This is a mystery quilt I made along with all of Bonnie Hunters followers.  You can still get the pattern online here.  Just click on Roll Roll Cotton Boll on the top banner.  I named mine "600 1/2-Square Triangles."  Not original or witty but VERY descriptive.  I love all of Bonnie's patterns but she does love her some SMALL pieces.

Go on over to Judy's blog and see all the luscious design walls people have posted today.

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  1. I love the colors you chose for the RRCB quilt... very nice! For some reason, I just don't cotton to "cheddar"...


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