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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Spinning Plates

I can't possibly be the only one who has several projects going at once but I sometimes wonder if I have taken it to new and unproductive heights.  Here is what I worked on this weekend:
1.  Quilting my sister's quilt. She took a couple of quilting classes with me years ago.  She completed one quilt and one top.  The top has been sandwiched and hanging around my studio for YEARS waiting for her to quilt it.  I've known for a while that she felt overwhelmed and unequal to the task.  I moved it to hang in the doorway to my studio until it finally got to me and I started quilting it on my domestic sewing machine this week.

It's a very cool Underground Railroad quilt that our Teacher, Kathy Green, designed. I finished all the small stippling in the "pathways" and I've finished the quilting in about 6 blocks.  She's a VERY novice quilter and most of her applique is fused so I am struggling with how to quilt those blocks so they will not come off.  So far, I am stitching just inside the edges.  But that lame (not lame - lame as in type of fabric!) has me completely flummoxed.  Otherwise, I'm having a lot of fun with it.  It's really giving me a chance to improve my free-motion quilting skills.  She has walked in on me several times and has not seemed to recognize this as her quilt.  I'm really hoping she will be very surprised when I give it back to her.

Here is some more from the list of my quilters ADHD:

2. Made a backing for a quilt top that will be hanging in the San Diego Quilt Show in Sept.  YIKES!  I still have to quilt it.

3. Picked borders for the basket weave quilt

4. Worked on Leaders and Enders while piecing the backing in #2.

Hmm.  I guess it isn't as bad as I was thinking.

BTW.  I'm planning to sell my Go! Baby and several dies.  I find I am just not using it as I thought I would and I need the space in my studio.  I'm thinking to offer it here before I place it on Quilter's Flea Market, anyone interested in it?  I bought it for $100,  and 4 dies at about $30.00 each.  I have the 2" squares, 5" squares, 2.5" strips and the economy die.  I'll sell it all for $120.00 + shipping.

Gotta head out.  Have a great day.

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  1. The quilting looks great... your sister will be so surprised, esp since she didn't recognize it this past week!


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