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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More strips and strings

When we were going through my friend, Audrey's, quilting stash following her death a few months ago, we found a great tin full of 1-inch strips all bundled into various groupings by some plan known only to Audrey.

You know how I love a scrap challenge.

 Here are a few of them separated into two piles: lights and darks.  On the right are some of them after I cut them into 6-inch lengths.

Then I just started paring light with dark and got busy sewing strips together.  I repeated this step about a gazillion times.  Then I paired twosies with twosies and  sewed till everything was stitched into 4-strip patches.  Next I paired 4-patch to 4-patch until they were all sewn into 8-strip patches.  I trimmed all of these to 5.5" squares and went to the design wall.

Oh, how cute is this from a bunch of "scraps!"


Now I need to find a fabric for a narrow inner boarder and another for a wider outer border.  Any suggestions for colors?  I figure something that reads solid for the inner border - maybe black or red - and something with a small to medium size print for the final border.  Right now it measures about 30 X  40 and I'd like for it to be 40 X 50.  I think that would be a nice lap quilt size that I can donate to the VA Hospital for wheelchair-bound vets.

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the good that [s]he does in this world to his [her] fellows.
                                             - Moliere
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  1. I love rail fence quilts and this was the perfect way to use those 1" strips! The woven effect is very strong... great job!

    No advice for the borders... I think you are on the right track...

  2. LOVE the strippy quilt! I agree, something that reads as a solid for an inner border (black-red-blue ... all would be good) and then a little bigger outer border of almost any kind of print. What a labor of love, working on your friend's stash of strips :D

  3. This is really great! I'm sure your friend is looking down and loving it!

    sorry to hear about Izzy and your nonvacation! :(


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