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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dog? or Vacation?

Of course we didn't trade Izzy for a vacation but it was tempting.

Two weeks ago, on a Friday, Izzy let herself out of the house and within 20 minutes was over two miles from home.  My son and I had left her home while we walked to a neighborhood restaurant for lunch.  Before we even got into the restaurant, I got a call on my cell from a man telling me he had my dog!  "She's hurt. I think she needs to go to the vet.  And bring towels, there's lots of blood."  Oh. My. Gosh!  I had to run 1/2 mile home in sandals so I could get the car and hightail it to where she was.   She was on the ground but got up when she saw us.  Whew, that was a good sign. 

We took her to our vet who said the wound on her leg was too severe for her to deal with.  She sent us to the Specialty Veterinary Hospital a few miles further up the highway.  They examined her and admitted her while they decided what to so.  They released her the next morning with a special "wet to dry" bandage on her wound because it was to the bone and couldn't be closed till a "granulation bed" of cells grew over the exposed bone.  We would need to bring her in daily for bandage changes.  SIGH.  Luckily (?) I had already scheduled myself for vacation that week so I could hang with  my son before he left for three months.  After one week they let us come in every two days.  Oh Boy.  FINALLY, they sutured the wound on Sunday.

Here's the breakdown and the explanation for why we are not taking a vacation this summer:

Vet #1                                             $700 ish
Vet #2 original exam                        $800ish
Vet #2 bandage changes 10 @$40   $400 ish
Surgery to close wound                   $ 2100 ish
 total                                               $ 4000 ish

And here is all I got for it:

We get to "keep her quiet" for TWO MORE WEEKS.

BTW 'Pill Pockets' are a sure-fire vehicle for getting icky pain pills down your dog's throat.

"I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; 
they give unconditional love. 
For me they are the role model for being alive."
- Gilda Radner


  1. Oh no! Poor Izzy! Poor you! What a time you've had... I am glad to hear that Izzy is healing...

  2. I'm glad she's on the mend-she's a beautiful dog. Do you know what happened to her? I find that the most confounding thing about owning a dog-not being able to find out the details. Many years ago our first dog got lost in the woods for nearly a week. We had given up when we finally got a call from a man who found her. She was fine after some good food and water but always afraid of leaves blowing through the yard in the fall. I always wondered what might have happened to her that caused that. But she never told us! :)


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