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Friday, January 14, 2011


I am still learning about all the bells and whistles on Blogger.  Another blog I read mentioned how many visitors she's had.  Curious, I went to my counter and it read "666."  I hope that doesn't mean anything about the person who was that 666th visitor!!

I've been pretty boring lately, just holed up in my "cave" trying desperately to finish my Roll Roll Cotton Boll mystery quilt.  I already peaked because I can never stand the suspense of how a quilt will look in the end.  The end is pretty darn good. Hop over and take a look for yourself.  Bonnie will have the pattern on her blog until June.  In true Bonnie Hunter fashion, there are a million little piece that comprise this quilt.  One step directed us to make 600 2" half-square triangles.  You know, it wasn't that bad.  I finished them in two days.  It wasn't nearly as bad as the 100+ teeny, tiny, 9-patches we had to make for Carolina Crossroads!
Here is what I have so far on Roll Roll Cotton Boll:

This is just pinned to my wall.  I have placed the churn dash blocks with the alternate blocks from the mystery. I love the string blocks but I don't think I like the neutrals that I chose.  I am thinking of making either a completely different alternate block in the same colors as the churn dash blocks or making a WHOLE NEW sett of strings (SIXTY!!) in light violets or pale golds.  What do you think?

In any case, it will be hanging on my design wall for a while till all the churn dash blocks are made.  Maybe it will grow on me.  But I doubt it.

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  1. I like the way your RRCB is coming together. I think the string blocks give the eyes a place to rest but still provide interest. I had the same reaction to the alternate blocks to her Double Delight mystery. It wasn't till I stood back and took in the whole quilt with borders that it became my favorite... well, at least till this one came along. *grin*

    Are you going to see Bonnie at the Canyon Guild meeting on Monday night? I'm stitching like crazy with hopes of completing the RRCB top by then. If you come, I hope you'll bring yours too. I really like the colors you chose.


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