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Monday, December 3, 2012

Yup! It's me.

The Husband checked my blog last night and yelped, "You haven't posted since October!!"

OK, I'll ease back into it.  Life has been hectic at our house lately.  In a somewhat chronological order, here's what I've been doing since my last post:

1. Got an IPL laser facial.  OMG!  it HURT.  I love the results but if you get one, take a pain pill first and spring for the numbing cream.

2. Spent a day off hanging around for the glass guy to show up because the lawnmower spit out a rock and broke our garage door (the people-sized one) into a million pieces.

3. Went to my 40th (gasp!) class reunion.  It was a lot of fun.  The amazing thing is that we were charged $25.00 each.  That fee included: open bar with actual alcohol and not just beer and wine, a taco truck with delicious tacos, an awesome DJ, and a beautiful venue.  The next day, Becky the coordinator, announced that she still had money left over!  I need me some of her party-planning skills.

4. Spent a few weeks packing up everything in 6 rooms so we could get our floors refinished while on vacation (see #5 below).  One of those rooms was my sewing studio.  I have TOO MUCH STUFF!!

5. Went to Haiti to see what son #2 has been doing with the last year of his life.  Pretty impressive project that he was directing call Haiti Timber ReIntroduction Project.  A really worthwhile program to help some of the outlying communities by teaching them to fish instead of giving them one.  If you feel the need to donate, please feel free: http://reforesthaitinow.org/treesandhealth.html

6.  After 4 days in Haiti (plenty, believe me) we hopped over to Guadeloupe Island and spent some quality resort time drinking beer and swimming in the lovely ocean with electricity and air conditioning and full-time water.  Oh, and traffic signals and paved roads.

7. Arrived home on a Saturday night.  Spent ALL DAY Sunday returning boxes of STUFF and furniture to our gorgeous refinished floors.

8.  Spent days thinking about organizing and unpacking boxes.

9.  Spent more days thinking about it.

10.  Sigh, got most of the sewing studio back in working order.

11.  Learned that son #1 PASSED THE BAR!!!

12.  Another week went by, got the dining room in order.
Whole Roast Turkey on a Platter

13.  Went to my brother's home for a lovely Thanksgiving Dinner.
Whole Roast Turkey on a Platter  Whole Roast Turkey on a Platter
14.  Cooked another Thanksgiving dinner at my house so my Father-in-law could enjoy a home-cooked feast. 

15.  Let my newly-returned son worry about his bedroom.

16.  Spent part of Saturday unpacking half of the living room.

Justice Louis B. Butler Jr. swears in new 
17.  Went to watch son get sworn in to the State Bar of California!  SIGH.

Amongst all of that I have continued to go to my exercise classes and eat lots of Thanksgiving leftovers - two competing endeavors.

What have you been up to while I was MIA?

PS.  Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the LARGE SPACE at the top of my post??

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  1. don't feel guilty about the nonblogging! you are living and enjoying life which is far more important.

    your reunion sounds awesum! how did she do all that for $25!


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