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Monday, December 17, 2012

DSW 12.17.12

It's almost the end of the year!  I can't seem to understand how that happened so quickly.
I think it doesn't feel like Christmas because I usually make a lot of Christmas presents.  This year we have chosen to donate to charity in lieu of giving each other gifts so that has freed up a lot of my sewing time.  As a consequence I have jumped, yet again, into Bonnie Hunter's December Mystery.  I have kept up this year for the first time ever!  This is step 4:

128 flying geese sewn into pairs.  I learned that my previous belief that I was a good quilter was completely dashed by these geese!  I cut carefully, I sewed slowly and carefully and STILL they came out wonky.  I made them using quarter triangles and half-square triangles.  Since I sew TONS of half-square triangles, I figured that the bias edges wouldn't give me any trouble.  I was so wrong.  :-(
I know they look right in this photo - they have all their points - but too many of them are just a bit too small or a bit stretched looking.  SIGH.

Tomorrow I'll post about a different method after I make some samples tonight.  All I know is they can't turn out any worse.


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  1. I'm not doing the mystery, but I love seeing all the different ones out there in blogland.


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