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Monday, December 31, 2012

2012's been very good to me

Like so many others, I can hardly believe that this year is done!  It has flown by.  I always tell myself (and anyone else who will listen) that time goes much faster as we grow older and Thank God that it does!  Can you imagine if every year dragged as it did when we were children - waiting for our birthday - waiting for Christmas - waiting for school to be out for the summer.  Now, life is the opposite: It's as if we're on an out-of-control train flying downhill headed toward the next event - one for which we ARE NOT PREPARED!

"OMG, is Christmas in two weeks?  How did that happen?"  "OMG! is it almost your birthday?"  "How can it be our anniversary already?"   You know what I mean?

Despite my all-too-frequent moments depicted above, I had a great year.
In no particular order of occurrence, here are my highlights:

Son #1 Graduated from Law School.  We got to attend the graduation ceremony and his swearing in.  AND he got a job!!  In a law firm!!  We are so proud of him.  He's also been learning to brew hard apple cider.  His first batch was finished for Christmas.  It was delicious, tasted a lot like champagne, and has a much higher alcohol content than beer.  Apparently, I get just a little louder after drinking only one tall glass.  Oh My!

Son #2 Finished his year-long contract in Haiti.  He did a splendid job. He made us very proud.  We got to visit him and bring him back to the US.  YAY!!  He is currently NOT looking for a job.  But neither is he lounging on our couch.  We put him to work painting the building that houses our offices and he is making plans for two trips.  That boy has the travel bug and he has it BAD!!  He also applied to graduate school for the fall so he is just getting as many trips in before some real work begins.

The Husband actually sold his old car.  Really!  That is such a momentous event.  I am so proud of him,  LOL.

Most of my trips this year were quilt related.  I attended Road to California, a retreat in Tahoe, and another in Temecula.  I'm lucky to have a spouse who understands my addiction and doesn't mind being abandoned for days on end.

Izzy made it through the whole year without breaking anyone's nose or damaging any property.  Amazing!

There was so much more that went on but these are the things that make me smile.

I hope your year was as wonderful and that your next will be even better.

PS.  If anyone can tell me how to get rid of the spaces at the top of this post PLEASE tell me.  On the editing page there are NO SPACES.  I'm out of ideas.  SIGH.

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  1. So glad you had a great 2012... and hope that 2013 will be even more wonderful for you all!

    (I have no idea about removing the spaces at the top other than backspacing with the cursor at to the left of the first word in the first paragraph.)


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