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Monday, December 10, 2012

DSW 12.10.12

I find myself in possession of WAY too many medium toned 2" squares!  I've been searching around for how to use them.  I usually make 1/2 triangles but I like to use only very high-contrast fabrics.  I find that when I use medium tones I get a mushy quilt.  Cindy at Quilt Patterns from Seattle posted a very cute Scrappy Heart pattern.  I really liked it but decided I didn't want to make that many more 1/2 square triangles so I came up this big heart that uses only FOUR HSTs  YAY!!  In the test heart I also used 2' background squares.  TOO MUCH WORK.  In the next squares I will use strips.

That's pretty much all I have going on.  OH, I'm also considering making Granny Squares with my mediums. I'm kinda liking the ones I've seen around blogland.

What's on your Design Wall?  Check out a bunch on Judy's blog.



  1. Very nice... and I love the Granny Squares and GS quilts I've seen in blogland!

  2. It is a good pattern to use mediums somewhere in the middle! I too struggle with how to use medium values. Cheers! Evelyn


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