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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

UFO Angst

YIPES!!!  I just added a sweet progress gadget to my blog (Thanks, Mary).  I was typing happily away, adding quilt names and % completed. 


It was such a nice feeling to be updating y blog with something new.  Then...I hit "preview."  I peeked at the gadget, it all looked perfect.  I was really proud of myself at this point.  Then I saw it!!  DO you see it? 

I am talking about all the UNPURPLE areas.  All of that equals what I have to get done on these quilts.  Judy will pull a number and I have to work my heiny off to get the respective bar to 100% by month's end.  I am really praying that #s 7 and 8 don't get pulled for a LONG time.

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  1. But a few of them are very close to a finish!


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