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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Have you seen these??!!

A friend sent me a You Tube link for a laugh.  Little did she know that she unleashed some craziness in me. Here's the link: http://airswimmers.com/ .  At the time I had never heard of them.  Since then, I've seen them sold in malls and all over the place.

We were spending the weekend with some friends, one of whom hates sharks (you see where this is going).  Of course, I had to bring him a shark.  Everyone dissolved into laughter when this guy came around the corner.  We had way more fun than six adults should. 

Yup, my inner child is alive and well and still very immature.


  1. What fun Mr. Shark must have been! Glad your inner child is alive and well... it's a very good thing, imho...

  2. Love the one where the shark comes out of the elevator controlled by the guy in the wet suit wearing flippers. Too much!

  3. funny! but a little scary too. I'm hearing the JAWS music!


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