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Monday, January 16, 2012

Design Wall Monday 1-16-12

My Design Wall Monday post is not exactly something I have designed - at least not in the usual sense.  However, it is about something I have created -- A MESS!!

Since Christmas, my sewing room has been a huge disaster.  I have been wanting to get Orca Bay finished so all the time I spent in here was devoted to getting that done (still not done, sigh).  You know how it is, things get added to the pile, the pile gets pushed aside, more is added.  Soon, there is nowhere to comfortably work.  This weekend was the time I finally set aside to take back my sewing space.

Above and below are the before shots in all their shame:

And TA DA!!  Two days of hard, hard work produced this:

I really wish I'd taken a "before" of the ironing table but I'm sure you can use your imagination

The reason it was so hard is because I didn't just re-shelve things, I took care of them (well, most of them). If I had taken a "before" of the ironing table, you would have seen a pile of jeans.  I cut them apart so they would fit into the proper bin in the closet.  There were six pairs of jeans and two dresses.  Can we say blister on the scissor finger? 

I ironed and trimmed a bunch of HSTs:

I sliced a big bag of scraps into this:

I ended up with this trash can -- it was empty Saturday morning:
Laptop is here for size comparison.
I am now ready to tackle my January UFO.  It needs to be quilted on my DSM.  I'm woefully out of practice so I made that little quilt sandwich so I can practice before attempting the real thing. 

The husband just walked in and said "Whoa!"  I guess he was impressed with the new look.

Check out Judy's blog to see what others are up to.


  1. LOL, My Quilt zone is Messier than yours. My kids commented when we were skyping last night that they could see the mess behind me. Have fun quilting in your clean area! You won't get any migrating hst's stitched into the back of you UFO.

  2. Great job with the decluttering/organizing!

    (I need to do that...)


  3. I can sympathize! Sometimes I have to spend a half hour clearing off my flat spaces just to pile on new fabric or patterns I've bought! Then there's the cat's bed (on my cutting table) that seems to be a catch-all and I get a glare from him when he jumps up to sit with me--LOL

    Happy quilting!

  4. I'm working on cleaning up too. Could listening to Bonnie have been the motivation? :-)

    Loved the quilts you shared Wednesday night. Your Carolina Crossroads in blue and brown was striking!


  5. Looks like you should be ready for a very productive week. Not that the mess is all cleaned up, you can make a new one!

  6. I've become a follower-you are a woman after my own heart-tee hee. Glad to see that I'm not the only one with a sewing room disaster at times.

  7. I just love it when I get my space cleaned up, although it doesn't last long it just feels good! Can't wait to see your quilting on the Jan UFO!

  8. Chris I am SO SO SO sorry...that I didnt blog sooner or better about the wonderful goodies you sent me!!!
    One of my good friends committed suicide during the whole end process and to say i was not all together would be an understatement....

    I hope you can forgive me


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