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Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Birthday!

My sweet DS2 turned 24 today - in Barcelona, Spain!  Last year he turned 23 in Haiti, the year before he turned 22 in Barcelona and the year before that he turned 21 in Nicaragua.  Hmm, I sense a trend.

He is two weeks away from completing his three month bicycle tour of Europe. He and his good friend Dane started the trip in Helsinki and have had the adventure of a lifetime.  Ross has kept a blog about it and if you read it you will be itching to hop on a bike and join them.

Ross will be home for two weeks then he is off to Haiti again to work on a research project aimed at reforesting Haiti.  I can't express how proud we are of him.

This photo is three years old but it is one of my favorites.  I know the smile looks a little forced but that is a curse shared by all the men in my life.  Each of them has a fabulous smile but aim a camera at them and they get all stiff.  Strange.  What is it about men and photographs?  We have an album of pictures of my younger brother where he would put something in front of his face every time we tried to snap a picture of him.  Anyone else have a man like this in your life?

Go out and have a great day!!

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