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Monday, September 19, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I had WAY too much fun today.  A friend gifted me her cut off triangles from a bunch of snowball blocks she was making.  I pressed and trimmed and started playing.  My DH thinks it looks "Halloweeny" but I think it looks fun.  UH OH! I see a triangle turned the wrong way and a few pairs missing on the left.  I'm hoping to have more of it to show on next week's wall.  Oh, did I mention that the 1/2 square tris finish at 1"?  I told you -- TOO MUCH FUN!

Hop on over to Judy's and see what everyone lse is designing.


  1. Finish at ONE inch??? Wow... definitely big fun!


  2. That does look like fun, and I agree too with your hubby, it does look Halloweeny!

  3. I think it looks Halloweeny, now those are small pieces you are working with!

  4. Whether Halloween or not, it's a pretty quilt. I really like it.

  5. I thought it looked Halloween y too! What fun you had. I love those moments in quilting.

  6. This really looks like a fun quilt! :)


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