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Monday, May 2, 2011

Design Wall Monday

There are just a bunch of bits on my wall this week.  Well, that and that darn Myna Bird Quilt that is still hanging around waiting for inspiration.  Here is one of the bits that I am getting excited about:

I took Bonnie Hunter's Blue Ridge Beauty class at Road to California earlier this year.  In between my regular projects, I have been plugging away at the 224 blocks I need to finish this quilt.  No, this is NOT all I have completed.  I think I have about 80 completed blocks, all of the 1/2 square triangles, and almost all of the 4-patches.

It is going to be for our king-size bed because DH has started to grumble that "everyone has a quilt but us."

 Here is a reminder of Bonnie's quilt:

 (Posted sideways because blogger refuses to leave my photos rotated even though they are rotated in my album.  GRRRR)

You all have a great day.


  1. I really like the red blocks. It will be wonderful on your bed.

  2. I love red and white quilts and yours is going to be gorgeous!!!

  3. The red blocks are great. It will make a beautiful bed quilt!

  4. That's a great pattern! Bonnie sure seems to make lots of huge quilts. How fun that you got to take her class at RTC. I haven't made a king size quilt for our bed yet either! I like to make different throws and keep the coverlet or bedspread a solid color :)

  5. Makes me want to make a red and white quilt also. Just gorgeous!


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