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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Design Wall Monday on Tuesday

I was so surprised to read Judy's blog yesterday and see her Design Wall Monday post!  I mean, TODAY is Monday, right?  Holiday Mondays just throw me all off.

In any case, late or not, here is the unholy mess that is my design wall:

It is actually two things layered one atop the other.  The one behind, with the red  and pink borders, is a top I finished at the Tahoe retreat.  I'll reveal it later.  Covering it is the backing I am attempting to fashion with every last scrap of the fabric from the kit.  I love the fabric but I don't want to see it showing up in my stash or future scrap quilts.  It is very much not my typical colors and I'm afraid the pieces of it will stick out like sore thumbs in future scrap quilts.

It's actually been rather fun seeing what I can do with the various pieces I had left over.  I started by sewing parts into 13" blocks. I made 8 of those which I sashed with two long pieces of green I had left.  At this point I was pretty much out of anything wider than 2 inches or longer than 10 inches.  So, I chopped them all into 8" strips, halved the wider ones and sewed a bunch of piano keys together.  That is what is hanging on the left side.  I have enough to add to the top and bottom of this segment.  At that point, I think I have enough of the red (plus a bit from my stash) to go around the edge and finish it off.

Do you ever do this, spend almost as much time piecing a back as you do the top?  It's been surprisingly satisfying.

What's on your design wall?  Head over to Judy's blog and see what others are working on.  There is a ton of beauty being shown there.

Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.   
                                   --John Lennon


  1. This looks great!
    I love pieced backs! and yes, they can take longer than the top! LOL. I have one quilt that my DH likes the back better than the front. go figure!

    The piano keys idea is a good one. i've not done that will have to tuck that idea away for my next backing project.

  2. Love it! and been there, done that. Especially to use up fabric that will only go with the top. done it a few times, actually. Although I often (most often) go with the easy option of the less piecing the better for the back!


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