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Friday, August 19, 2011

Where's Chris?

I can't believe it's been TEN days since I posted anything.  I have been busy, just not with my blog.  Two weeks ago I was happily working out at my bootcamp, doing a few pushups (Yes! Can you believe that?) when I felt something go "TWANG" in my back next to my shoulder blade.  Aiy yai yai!  It hurt like the devil.  I just had to leave class because I knew what the next few hours were going to be like.  I iced and heated.  Then I went to acupuncture!

That was totally new to me and not at all unpleasant.  It gave me quite a bit of relief but I still had to baby myself.  In fact, I took a week and a half off from boot camp.  Izzy and I still walked but it sure wasn't the same.  I am happy to report that I did LOTS of pushups today with nary a twinge.

In the midst of my laziness recovery I was lucky enough to attend a very fun retreat in Palm Springs.  Monica and Cindy of Desert Quilting Retreats put on a great Mystery Quilt retreat.  There are games, good food and a fab quilt designed each year by Debbie McCaffrey.  Each year they have a theme.This year it was "Midnight at the Oasis."  The group I go with decided to get some outrageous costumes to go along with it.

We were quite a hit!!

Here is Patti's quilt almost completed.  They all turned out great.  I'll post mine when I get the borders on. I like to spread out when I do borders.

What have you been up to?

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  1. First, I'm impressed you can do push-ups!

    Second, I'm glad whatever-it-was you pulled is better now!

    Third, LOVE your Midnight at the Oasis costumes! What fun...



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