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Monday, August 29, 2011

Design Wall Monday 8/29/11

This is what I worked on ALL DAY Saturday.  It is Done Done except the label because, I'm embarrassed to admit, I can't remember what I named it.  That shouldn't be a big deal, I could just name it something else.  Except, I entered this in a show and I put the name on the entry form.  Luckily it's not a juried show, so I won't get shot if I name it something else.

Every so often, I enter a show to give myself a deadline, otherwise I fear this behemoth would have languished while I got up the courage to tackle all those miles of binding.  It's hard to judge from the photo but this thing is a beast.  Blogger insists on putting the picture sideways but my spouse is standing on the 7th step to get it off the ground.  I do have a dilemma with it. I washed it and the batting shrank up a LOT more than I expected.  As a consequence, it looks ... a little bunchy.  I'm thinking of washing and drying it again to see if it softens up.  My sister thinks I should steam it.  I like the look of washed, wrinkled quilts but for the show I'm thinking the unwashed look would have been better.   Do any of you have any ideas?

Here's the backing.  I like to make backs a little interesting.  At least Blogger is consistent and is also putting this one in sideways.

Here's a little closeup of the quilting.  It's still a little hard to see.

I had a lot of fun making this quilt.  It was a mystery on Bonnie Hunter's blog.  Because of this quilt, I am no longer intimidated by quilts requiring hundreds of 1/2 square triangles.  Seriously, this quilt has 600 1/2 square triangles.

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  1. Oooo... gorgeous, just out and out gorgeous! Love the colors you used... you did a GREAT job! Congratulations on such a wonderful finish!!!

  2. that's a beauty! congrats on the finish! I've forgotten what I've named a quilt before too! So glad the show people won't shoot you-that would be so rude! (wink!)
    I like the washed crinkly look too. You could try to rewet it and block it, maybe that would help for the show if you think it's too crinkly. If you're entering it to win, I'd go to the trouble. If you're entering it so people will see it and for some contructive critique then I'd let it go. If the judge comments about it you can say "yup, I thought so..." and chalk it up as a learning experience. Ya just never know with judges. I had one of my quilts get 'viewers choice' but if you read the judges remarks you'd wonder...

  3. I took one look at this LOVELY quilt and just knew it was a Bonnie Hunter! I'm so impressed! Have you ever tried blocking a quilt? Wet it down good and pin it, exactly straight and just the size you want it, to a thick blanket or carpet. Run fans if you need to but keep it there until it's dry. Might solve the problem.

  4. Beautiful quilt. The number of pieces in it accounts for a lot of the shrinkage. You could always block it. That is what is done to big show quilts to make them hang perfectly.

  5. Oh my goodness...it's fabulous! Congratulations! That is a ton of work in that amazing quilt! I would probably try to wet one corner at a time and clamp it to the table until dry to try to smooth it out if it's too crumply for the show (but it's perfect for snuggling!)

  6. Very pretty and I hope that this quilt does well in the show. It has lovely quilting on it, too.

  7. blocking it is the way to go for your show. it's a pain but works.

    and I am sad :( about your books. what a bummer!

  8. Oh my - delicious!!!! Very pretty, intereting color combinations, and the end result is just wonderful! Big job, so now you are ready for the next Mystery? 8-))

  9. This is fabulous! Seriously...I could not have put those colours together from the instructions Bonnie gave us and it looks amazing! You have a great eye for colour!


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