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Monday, August 8, 2011

Design Wall Monday 8/8/11

It seems I am only really good at posting on Mondays.   I am struggling with making this a quilting blog or rambling more about my life and my thoughts (of which I have precious few).

Until I decide, I am sharing what I worked on all weekend when I should have been binding my quilt for the San Diego Quilt show which is in less than a month!!!  No one else waits till the last minute do they?

Many years ago I decided to make each of my nieces and nephews a high school graduation quilt.  I did well for the first three but number four has dragged on now for 2 years.  A few months ago my older son chastised me by saying "it is unconscionable that you have not yet finished Katrina's quilt when you have made so many others in the last 2 years."  HARSH!  but true and, yes, he really speaks like that! 

So, the last time I saw Katrina I showed her several finished quilts and fabric groupings and asked her to pick one.  I was really hoping she'd pick a finished quilt but she chose a lovely grouping of dark and pale sage greens and a nice rose fabric.  I could not find a decent 5-fabric pattern that I liked so I added a bunch of pieces from my stash that worked well and then found a nice 3-color pattern that I hope she'll like.

Here is what I got done yesterday.  To the far right are the strips already cut for three of the borders: the floral, dark green, and the rose fabrics.  No doubt next week I'll have the alternate blocks ready to show you.

Go check what others have on their design walls at Judy's blog.

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  1. Once a week posts are just fine... don't put any pressure on yourself! I do enjoy seeing what you're working on but if you wanna talk about life... feel free!

    Are you using flying geese or HSTs to make the stars?


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