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Sunday, December 5, 2010

I met my UFO goal.

Thanks, Finn.  Your challenge gave me the push I needed to finish FIVE projects that have been dogging me.  Today, I finished the last one (although I will keep going, this is very rewarding!).

 Finish #5 is a flannel quilt I made for my nephew's graduation present.  I'm only six months late.  That's WAY better than I'm doing on my niece's graduation quilt.  I think she graduated in 2008. 

This quilt is a full twin size so he can use it as a bedspread.  I love its simple design. Perfect for a male-type who doesn't like anything too "fussy."

The inset fabrics are all sailing related because he is a very talented and very avid sailor.

I got the pattern on Craft Nectar's website.  Here is the exact post for this quilt.  Check out her website.  She has truly stunning modern quilt goodness all over her blog.

I thought I'd also throw in a photo of a quilt I completed quite some time ago - YES, I CAN complete quilts without the bribe of a good challenge.  Sometimes. When I'm really bored, that is. 
This quilt was designed by Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville.  It was a mystery called Carolina Crossroads.  I used my own color palette but otherwise, it is all Bonnie's design.  She is currently running another mystery called Roll Roll Cotton Boll.  It's not too late to jump in.  The directions are on her blog.  She has been a HUGE inspiration to me in my quilting career.

 Well, that's it for this weekend.  I've been remaking some old down comforters into new, personal-sized comforters and I am SO covered with down that I have to jump in the shower.
  Let me just leave you with the thought that if nothing changes, nothing changes. Think about it.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE your thought...LOL. Absolutely nothing changes if nothing changes! And for those who say "it is what it is", I agree..BUT, if you do something about it, it will be something else, and that might be better!
    Your young mans quilt looks wonderful! Very modern and ever so comfy! Good job on getting it finished so soon! You've done very well!
    Your CC is one of the prettiest I've seen. While I like Bonnie's ideas and patterns, sometimes the extreme number of small pieces make the design too busy for me. Yours is just plain pretty! Love your colors and their placement...great job Chris! Hope you continue on. And Myra of Tactile Pleasure in Fabric is beginning a challenge on Jan 1 to June 30, calling it PhD, projects half done...I've already signed up! Hugs, Finn


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