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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Christmas

My family and I just spent the most wonderful Christmas with my good friend, LuAnn and her family in Cameron Park.  I have known Lu since high school where we were lab partners in Advanced Biology.  Her mom and dad were PE teachers at our high school also.  They have been my other parents since forever, even more so after my mom and dad passed away when I was only 32.

 A few weeks ago, when we were trying to figure out this RV extravaganza, I called Lu to see if we could see them at Christmas time.  Her response was, "We'd be mad if you didn't."  As it turns out, the d----d RV broke down in a smallish town two hours from Cameron Park.  We were able to get a U-Haul, transfer all out stuff and beat feet for the welcoming arms of LuAnn.  She wouldn't let us stay in a motel, she let me do a load of laundry and make the cinnamon rolls that are THE traditional Christmas morning breakfast for us.  We had dinner at her parents' home, watched the Laker's game and I'm now cozily tucked in bed.  We're planning to brave the traffic through LA tomorrow.  Is she a good friend or what?

Not-quite-finished cinnamon rolls

More on the RV fiasco later.

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