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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Design Wall Monday 9.10.12

 I thought I would have this done by Friday.  Last Friday.  Things don't always work out as we plan.  Still, the top is done and I am very pleased with it's immensity (is that a word?).  It is lying on my son's king-size bed and it drapes nicely over both sides.  It measures 84 by 110.  I decided, wisely I believe, that it is suitably large enough without additional borders.  Somehow, I let myself get carried away making blocks.  I challenge anyone to find a single red scrap in my studio.  There are none! They have all been incorporated into this behemoth.
YIKES!  I forgot to mention that my top is from a Bonnie Hunter design.  I started it in her class at Road to California in January of 2010 (I think could be 2009.  I'm afraid to check!).  I think the pattern can be found in her book, "Adventures With Leaders and Enders."  All of her books are great.  Check them out at the link above.

For your viewing pleasure, please admire Izzy in the photo below.  Despite her huge size, she is as bad as a cat in her need to be included in quilt photos.  I could not get a second shot of the top with out her in it so I surrendered and accepted my new quilt-model.  Maybe we should change her name to Vanna.

The Husband and I had a trying week.  Last Saturday we learned that a young man who had been an Eagle Scout when The Husband was Scoutmaster, was fatally injured in fireworks explosion.  The Husband was asked to speak at his memorial service on Saturday.  He did a marvelous job of telling stories about Willie that captured his fun-loving spirit while speaking directly from his heart to Willie's family.  Over 300 people came to pay their respects to this wonderful young man and his family.  It was a very, very sad day.
 There is no sense to life sometimes, we all just have to keep moving forward making every day count for something because you never know when that day may be your last or the last time you see a loved one.

Thank goodness for quilting, it gives me that little place where I can be safe and insulated from the harshness of life.

You all go out there and make this day count.  But first, hop over to Judy's blog and see what a bunch of other quilters have on their design walls.



  1. LOL!! love your descriptions of this quilt about its size...sounds like a real monster, it sure is beautiful though!!

  2. That is one gigantic quilt, what an amazing job piecing it! Wow! I love Izzy in the photo, too. :)

  3. I'm sorry to hear of the loss of a fine young man... what a wonderful (and difficult) thing to do, sharing memories with his entire family and his friends...

    Congratulations on finishing your gorgeous quilt top... love it!

  4. What a wonderful quilt.

    I read about the fireworks accident, such a tragic loss. It really reminds you to cherish each day.

  5. Such a horrible story, so sorry. I do love your quilt top! So vibrant in red. I do love red in quilts. Is that a Great Dane? My son has one and they are so huge. At first, I really didn't know that much about them other than they were huge and with that size I was afraid that they might be mean dogs and if they were to attack you, you wouldn't have a chance. LOL! Little did I know that they are the biggest babies! Goofy and clumsy as well. His name is Dozer and I just love him.

    Have a wonderful and Blessed day

  6. LOVE the quilt AND Izzy! She should pose ON the quilt, since her coloring goes great with it! Perfect for "what's black and white and red all over?"! Someday I would love to get a Dane....nice job...

  7. It is beautiful. I too make too many blocks, but that's what happen when you get SO INVOLVED!

    Sorry for your loss....Hugs

  8. I'm so sorry about the loss of the young man!

    Your quilt is fabulous!

  9. Beautiful Quilt. I love it...but Izzy is my favorite. I know she wanted on top of it.
    I,too, am sorry about the loss of a young man. What you said about life is so very true. Yet we can't get through to the young ones especially, that nothing is guaranteed.

  10. What a beautiful quilt! And in red, my favorite color. Very attractive quilt model, too. ;)

  11. Sue in Scottsdale, AZSeptember 10, 2012 at 1:28 PM

    Very nice!

  12. Your quilt is fabulous! And THANK YOU for NO word verification puzzles!

  13. Good job on the big quilt and the little one! Nice to get some UFOS of the list!

  14. I love this quilt!! You did a wonderful job!!

  15. Love the quilt! Done in yellow and blue could be perfect for my grandon.
    So sad to hear about the young man :(


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