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Monday, June 25, 2012

Design Wall Monday 6/25/12

 As further evidence of my frugal quilting, I present you with exhibit #1,973 - a quilt to which I contributed not a single piece of fabric that I purchased!  It's true, this entire quilt was constructed of fabric that would otherwise have been thrown away.  The large HSTs were part of the largess from June's estate sale.  The 16-patches were made from bits that other people love to give me, "We know Chris will make something with this."  I still have enough HSTs and 16-patches to make at least two more quilts.  Right now this one is about 54 x 64.  I think it needs some sort of borders.  I'll get around to auditioning some after I get the rows sewn together. 

I rather like this utilitarian thing because it is the sort of quilt that can get drug around and used to death.  I think that would make June and I both very happy.

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  1. Beautiful! I love scrappy quilts!

  2. Isn't great to make something from little bits of what some call "trash"?? This came out fantastic. Can't wait to see it with borders.

  3. Now this is my kind of quilt. I get a lot of 'donated' bits and bobs, so can relate. This is really beautiful in it's simplicity - and something that would be trash is really a treasure.

  4. Totally liking this scrappy quilt! I'm just about to start making big HSTs for a pinwheel quilt made from waste triangles--most of which were scraps to begin with. "Making do" is so satisfying, right?


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