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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Birthday Gift

It was my birthday a few weeks ago.  Yea me!!  My very good friend Patti gave me this super sweet quilt that she made especially for me.  It is about 18" X 24" made from "bonus triangles" and all hand-quilted.  I love love it. 

I've spent the last several years convincing my guild members that they can make really nice little quilts from the triangles you cut off when making flying geese or snowball blocks.  For the last few years they've just been giving the bonus triangles to me - thank you very much!!  Lately, however, I've been seeing some cute quilts made from these leftovers.  I can't wait to show it off at the next guild meeting.

What do you do with those triangles?


  1. What a lovely quilt! And a belated happy birthday!

    I've saved some of those snipped triangles... but haven't used them... yet...


  2. Hmmmm...I think this one had better show up in Tahoe next week! :) and Happy Birthday!

  3. I couldn't agree more completely!


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