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Thursday, February 2, 2012

February UFO has been chosen and I sold a book

Judy picked #1 for February.

I am very excited to finally be finishing Audrey's Quilt.  There's a bit of history to this quilt.  You can read about it here.

On other fronts, The Husband and I got very happy when Son #1 called to let us know he wanted to come down the weekend after next.  YIPPEE!

It turns out there is a concert in San Diego that he and his friends would like to attend and would The Hotel be open to guests??  But of course, mon amis.  We have plenty of couches, pillows and quilts.  The Husband also LOVES to make pancakes for a crowd.

Rapid change in Topic:
Have any of you sold books on Half.com?  Son #1 posted a lot of his old History textbooks there, unfortunately, he used my account.  That means that every time he makes a sale, I get an email announcing the event.  He lives in Irvine, the books live  with me.  You see where this is going don't you?  Because I am interested in maintaining my good standing in the the Half.com community, I dutifully print labels, pack books and schlep said books to the Post Office.

These books are used.  They sell for a cheap price.  Very Cheap.  To make up for my efforts, I have not actually been forwarding him the measly $4.00 profit from each of the books.  I finally emailed him yesterday whining about the inconvenience and excessively low pay and told him to please either raise the price or remove any remaining books with a price below $5.00.  He sent back a less than compassionate email.  I think the exact text was "Poor Baby."  And I spent 30 hours in labor with that human being!!
Well, not more than 5 minutes after receiving his email, I received another Half.com email announcing "You've made a sale!"  Oh joy! I read the rest of the notice without enthusiasm until I reached the sale price.  Believe it or not, he sold a paperback History textbook for ... $150.00!!  Ok, this makes my time worthwhile.

I guess I should share the profit this time.


  1. 30 Hours in Labor---$150...
    ...Thirty hours in LABOR---$150...THIRTY HOURS in labor---$150...
    Nope, after careful consideration I'd say give him $20! (poor baby) :)

    I like the stars in Audrey's quilt. I will go read about it now, I got so caught up in making $$ off my kids old college books I lost my mind and posted prematurely!!

  2. Audrey's quilt is definitely be a keeper.


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